It’s always great to see the glint of Scotch Rutherford’s Switchblade, an anthology of noir. Under issue four’s red hot cover:


Switchblade #4 coverLisa Douglass “Members Only” (verse)
Scotch Rutherford Editor’s Corner photo by Jack Valentine
Quick & Dirty Flash Fiction
Jeffrey B. Burton “The Duck Blind”
Henry Brock “Cigarettes”
Aaron Majewski “The Dark Gleaming Blade”
J.D. Graves “Oh Sugar”
Peter DiChellis “Eternal Love”
Sharp & Deadly Short Fiction
Pearce Hansen “Seen One, Seen ‘Em All”
Nick Manzolillo “Extreme Hunting”
Max Sheridan “The Heart Handshake”
Tais Teng “Doch das Messer sieht man nicht”
Diane Deverell “Organ Trade Off”
Mike Derochick “Sunrise at the Devil’s Pulpit”
Lisa Douglass “Tumblr Girls”
Keith Rawson “So Much Love”
A.B. Patterson “White Powder, Black Leather, Grey Badges”
Author Bios & Acknowledgements

Switchblade #4 back coverSwitchblade: An Anthology of Noir
Caledonia Press
Editor: Scotch Rutherford
Cover photo: Scotch Rutherford
5” x 8”, 130 pages
POD $6.99 Kindle $2.99 (free with print version)

Switchblade Magazine website

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