Econo Clash Review #1 coverThe print version of J.D. Graves’ Econo Clash Review is now available. The line-up for the first edition is listed below. (And be sure to check out the website, the content is lively and well worth following.)

J.D. Graves: Dear Thrill Seekers (introduction)
Rick McQuiston “The Last Book” (horror)
William R. Soldan “Recompense” (noir)
Christopher Hivner “The Boss Man Cometh” (humor)
Joochim Heijindermans “Blessed He Be, Shinokaze” (Kaiju SF)
Charlotte Platt “Meet the Family” (weird/urban fantasy)
J.D. Graves “The Little Death of Jacob Green” (noir)
Lyndon Perry “Exit Ramp” (fantasy)
Gerri R. Gray “Green Eyed Monster” (horror)
Nick Manzolillo “Quick Pick” (crime)
Edward Turner III “Beneath Me” (macabre)
Scotch Rutherford “Neon Anemone” (SF/noir)
Cheap Thrill Bios

Econo Clash Review #1 backEditor: J.D. Graves
Cover: Eric Hibbler
Alt Cover Designs: J.D. Graves
Comic line art: Bill & Bob Thomas
Artwork: Duane Crockett, Jeremy Jenkins
5” x 8”, 146 pages
$7.99 POD, $2.99 Kindle (99¢ with print version)
Econo Clash Review website

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