Pageant Nov. 1969Excerpt from Tom Brinkmann’s article, “Sharon Tate’s Fate,” from The Digest Enthusiast book six:

“Pageant premiered with its November 1944 issue and was originally published by Hillman Periodicals. Macfadden bought it in 1961 and continued publishing it until its final February 1977 issue.

“The misleading cover blurb on this November 1969 Pageant read, ‘Eyewitness Report: Sex • Sadism • Celebrities! The Sharon Tate Orgies.'”

Tom Brinkmann writes about unusual, off-the-beaten-path magazines, digests, and tabloids. His Bad Mags website was active from June 2004–July 2017. His books, Bad Mags Volume 1 (2008) and Volume 2 (2009) are available from secondary outlets, including

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