Pageant Dec. 1969Excerpt from Tom Brinkmann’s article, “Sharon Tate’s Fate,” from The Digest Enthusiast book six:

The confusing cover blurb read, “Part 2–Behind Sharon Tate’s Tragedy! Stars Who Need Sex Clubs,” which made it sound like two articles, which in a way it kind of was.

. . . Last month the author described the orgies that led up to the horrifying slaying of Sharon and four others. This month he tells of his personal involvement with Sharon and her circle of friends and acquaintances. Also, he gives his reasons for blaming Hollywood itself in large part for the tragedy that took five lives.

Pageant Dec. 1969 back coverThis second and final part of the Pageant Tate feature focused on Jay Sebring, and is almost a mini-bio, with facts and figures, personal anecdotes by Hyams; and, it would be re-used as the Sebring/Tate chapter for his autobiography, which had the same story told slightly differently with some of the details left out and others added.

Tom Brinkmann writes about unusual, off-the-beaten-path magazines, digests, and tabloids. His Bad Mags website was active from June 2004–July 2017. His books, Bad Mags Volume 1 (2008) and Volume 2 (2009) are available from secondary outlets, including

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