Breaking Glass by Alec CizakHaving survived her earlier ordeal in Down on the Street, Chelsea Farmer takes center page in Alec Cizak’s new novel, Breaking Glass. “She’s addicted to opiates. She participates in home invasions with her fellow junkies to feed her habit. As things get increasingly violent, Chelsea realizes she needs to escape before her friends do something one of them will be able to walk away from.”

Alec Cizak is a filmmaker, writer, and editor of Pulp Modern.

Breaking Glass by Alec Cizak
ABC Documentation, an imprint of Down & Out Books
232-page trade paperback
Print $14.95, Kindle $2.99 (99¢ with Print edition)
Breaking Glass by Alec Cizak (back cover)Down & Out Books website
No Moral Center website

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