Fate No. 358 Jan 1980Contents
Curtis Fuller: I See By the Papers
Jane M. Loy “Quest for El Dorado”
Diane G. Holdson “The Escort”
Martin Ebon “The Mystic Visions of the Shah of Iran”
W. Ritchie Benedict: Star of Bethlehem to Reapear
The Readers: True Mystic Experiences
Mary Jane Knisely “The Many Roads to Healing”
Richard Lee-Fulgham “Dragons—Alive and Well and Living in—”
Michael Gross “What Happened to Genette Tate”
Monster Haunts Virginia Woods
Alan Vaughan “The Riddle of Coincidence”
Thomas J. Mooney: Is Bigfoot the Star of Beowulf?
Walter H. Uphoff “The Psychic Photography of Masuaki Klyota”
D. Scott Rogo “Speaking of Past Lives”
Jim Miles: The British Triangle
John Phillip Bessor “Chaplain Officiates at Phantom Funeral”
The Readers: My Proof of Survival
J. Gordon Melton: Books, News & Reviews
The Readers: Report from the Readers

Clark Publishing Company
Publisher: Curtis Fuller
Editor/Associate Publisher: Mary Margaret Fuller
Managing Editor: Betty Lou White
Associate Editor: Jerome Clark

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