Fantasy and Science Fiction Jan/Feb 2019

Fantasy and Science Fiction Vol. 136 No. 1 and 2, No. 741, Jan/Feb 2019
Carrie Vaughn “To the Beautiful Shining Twilight”
Robert Reed “The Province of Saints”
Andy Duncan “Joe Diabo’s Farewell”
Charles de Lint: Books to Look For
Michelle West: Musing on Books
Phyllis Eisenstein “The City of Lost Desire”
Jenn Reese “The Right Number of Cats”
Adam-Troy Castro “Survey”
Leah Cypess “Blue as Blood”
Sean McMullen “The Washer from the Ford”
Jerry Oltion’s Science: When Betelgeuse Blows
Gordon Van Gelder: Statement of Ownership
E.G. Neill’s Films: Venom, Us
Paul Di Filippo: Plumage from Pegasus
Marie Vibbert “Tactical Infantry Bot 37 Dreams of Trochees”
Erin Cashier “Fifteen Minutes from Now”
Pip Coen “The Fall from Griffin’s Peak”
Coming Attractions
Market Place
Paul Di Filippo’s Curiosities: Pink Furniture by A.E. Coppard (1930)

Publisher: Gordon Van Gelder
Editor: C.C. Finlay
Assistant Publishers: Barbara J. Norton, Keith Kahla
Assistant Editors: Robin O’Connor, Stephen L. Mazur, Lisa Rogers
Contests Editor: Carol Pinchefsky
Cover: Jill Bauman “The City of Lost Desire”
Cartoon: Arthur Masear
258 pages, $8.99 on newsstands until March 4, 2019
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