Down & Out: The Magazine No. 2

Excerpt from the interview with Rick Ollerman, editor of Down & Out: The Magazine, appearing in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7.

“My usual process is to open the document in my word processor and change the font color to red. Then as I read, I make notes in square brackets suggesting typo fixes and other grammatical issues, but also problems with the stories, if they exist. These would include things like having someone do something in one scene and later referring to them having done something different.

“If something comes to mind that I think would make the story stronger or more clear, I put it in there. Then I send it back to the author—all changes must come from them, other than basic typos. The story is always theirs, and most importantly, they always have to retain the feeling that it is theirs.”

Blog featured image, a portrait of Rick Ollerman by Joe Wehrle, Jr.

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