Black Cat Mystery Magazine No. 1

An excerpt from my review of Black Cat Mystery Magazine No. 1 from The Digest Enthusiast No. 7:

Neighborhoods age along with their denizens. As they change, not all their residents adapt, like William, in Art Taylor’s “Fairy Tale.” William don’t like the new flock of school kids hanging around all the time—their attitudes and their—his word—entitled behavior. He don’t like the word old neither. But his kids are grown and long gone, his wife’s passed on, and if you saw him, you’d be hard-pressed to avoid the “O” word. Taylor takes you inside the man’s head so you can feel his rising ire first hand. With nothing else to occupy his grey matter, William can’t help but pick at the things that irk him, staring out at the street in front of his house. Almost like he was looking for trouble.

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