Broadswords and Blasters No. 8

The pulp magazine with modern sensibilities.

From the Editors
David F. Shultz “Addrassus”
Jason E. Maddux “Temporally Out of Service”
Cynthia Ward “Buzz or Howl Under the Influence”
DJ Tyrer “Talons of the Snatcher”
Kent Rosenberger “Lawbreaker”
Michael DeCarolis “Thunderbolt Colt”
Austin Worley “Lightning Between Your Fingers”
Myke Edwards “Sunday Evening”
Steve DuBois “Screaming Timmy Must Die”

Editors: Matthew X. Gomez, Cameron Mount
Cover: Luke Spooner
6” x 9”, 114 pages
POD $6.99, Kindle $2.99 (free with POD)

Broadswords and Blasters website

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