Alfred Hitchcock Nov. 1959

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Vol. 4 No. 11 Nov. 1959
Donald Honig “The Empty Room”
Richard Hardwick “Sheriff Peavy’s Whodunit Murder” (Sheriff Peavy)
Franklin M. Davis, Jr. “Seven Million Suspects”
Henry Slesar “Hunt the Tiger”
Nora H. Caplan “After the Burial”
Robert Edmond Alter “It Couldn’t Possibly Happen”
Donald Martin “Footprints in a Ghost Town”
Tom Parsons “A Killing in Real Estate”
Nedra Tyre “The Gentle Miss Bluebeard”
C. B. Gilford “The Night Lincoln Died”
Paul W. Fairman “Panther, Panther in the Night”

Publisher: H.S.D. Publications
Editor: William Manners
128 pages, 35¢

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