Occult Detective Quarterly No. 5

Tim Waggoner “The Empty Ones”
Sandy Chadwin “The Curious Adventure of the Homesick God”
Brandon Barrows “Shadow’s Angle”
Marion Pitman “The Unquiet Office”
Steve Liskow “Brown Eyes Crying in the Rain”
I.A. Watson & Chelsea Vance “A Princess Calls”
Cody Schroeder “Storm Stones”
Bobby Derie: The Occult Jules de Grandin
Megan Taylor “Exposing the Dead”
Julian Wildey “Daddy’s Girl”
Loren Rhoads “Something in the Water”
Craig Stanton “The Devil Drives”
Cliff Biggers “Chapter Five: Hastur in Hyades” (Occult Legion)
Paul St John Mackintosh: Cold Chills at Crimefest 2018
James Bojaciuk: Aural Apparitions
David Brzeski: Cold Cases (reviews)
Reviews by Julia Morgan and David Brzeski
Describin’ the Scribes (author bios)

Occult Detective Quarterly No. 5 Winter 2019
Publisher: Sam Gafford
Editors: John Linwood Grant and Dave Brzeski
Cover: Stefan Keller
6” x 9” 166 pages
POD $12.95 Kindle $5.95
Ulthar Press website

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