Espionage Nov. 1985

Espionage Magazine Vol. 1 No. 5 Nov. 1985
Jackie Lewis: Publisher’s Page
About People (Contributors)
About Books
About Films
About Videos
About Other Things . . .
Letters to the Editor
Robert P. Kissel: Our Man in Berlin (Admiral Willhelm Canaris)
Michael Bracken “Only Heroes Die”
Announcement: First Annual Short-Story Contest
Francis M. Nevins, Jr. Bebriefing Joe Gali: A Conversation with James Atlee Phillips (Phillip Atlee)
Anderz Telemark “Pas De Deux”
Alice Lightner “Lindy’s Lights”
Next Issue
Did you know . . .
John Dickson Carr “Menace in Wax” (Radio Script)
Josh Pachter “Assignment Vienna” (Part One)
Stuart Symons “The Last Speakers of Oubykh”
Edward D. Hoch “Prisoner of Zerfall”
Richard Ashby “Night of the Durga” (Part Two)
Joe Lewis: Spying Through Time
Espionage Questionaire
Richard Walton’s On File . . . The Darling of the Gestapo
Game Pages

Editor/Publisher: Jackie Lewis
Associate Publisher: Jeri Winston
Editorial Assistant: Mike Christenberry
Art Director: Laura Avello
Production Manager: Michael Mills
Cover: Aries
Cartoons: Halmmasthead
Published bi-monthly by Leo 11 Publications
164 pages, $2.50

Writer Josh Pachter recalls Espionage Magazine in “I Spy” in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7.

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