Paperback Fanatic No. 41

Heads Up (decapitation on PB covers)
Doom Mongerers (PBs based on the BBC’s Doomwatch eco-drama)
E.V. Cunningham (pseudonym of Howard Fast)
The Hitt Squad (letters between writers and publishers)
James Doig: Australian Film Novelisations
Justin Marriott: Raymond Kursar, Recollections of Manor Books
Jim O’Brien: All Hail the King! (Brian Hayles’ Doctor Who PBs and beyond)
James Doig: The ‘Plantation Pulps’ of New English Library
“Slaving Over a Hot Novel” (recap of Simon Redfern’s Penthouse article)
Rob Matthews: Segretissino, the Second Assignment
Richard Todgood: Crom’s Tomes! 50 Years of Conan in Paperback
King of the Nemedian Chroniclers (Roy Thomas)

Paperback Fanatic No. 41 March 2019
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Assistant Editor: Jim O’Brien
Proofer: Tom Tesarek
64 pages, 7” x 10” full color $10.00 POD

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