Analog Mar/Apr 2019

Analog Science Fiction and Fact (Astounding) Vol. 134 No. 3 & 4 Mar/Apr 2019
Robert Scherrer’s Editorial: Disciplined Daydreaming: The Role of Ideas in Science and Science Fiction
James C. Glass “Beneath a Red Sun” art by Vincent DiFate
Richard A. Lovett; From Pele to Pelée: The 2018 Hawaiian Eruption on a Global Scale (Science Fact)
Tim McDaniel “Hop and Hop with Gleepglop-Geep!” A Bedtime Reader (illustrated)
Brad Preslar “Negotiating Traffic”
Jo Miles “The God of All Mountains”
Marie Vibbert “We Carry) (verse)
Leah Cypress “Parenting License”
James Gunn’s The Little Sailboat (Probability Zone)
John G. Cramer’s The Alternate View: Ghost Galaxies from an Older Universe?
Bond Elam “Fine-Tuning”
In Times to Come (May/Jun Preview)
Vajra Chandrasekera “Running the Gullet”
James Van Pelt “Second Quarter and Counting”
Eric Del Carlo “Final Say”
Biolog: Eric Del Carlo by Richard L. Lovett
C. Stuart Hardwick “Dangerous Company”
Jack McDevitt “Tea Time with Aliens”
M.K. Hutchins “The End of Lunar Hens”
Bud Sparhawk “The Invitation”
Elisabeth R. Adams “Rising Stars”
Brendan DuBois “The New Martian Way”
Jay Werkheiser “Slow Dance”
Andrew P. Dillon “Werner Heisenberg Admits He Never Loved” (verse)
Matthew Kressel & Mercurio D. Rivera “The Walk to Distant Suns”
Tom Greene “Better” art by Tomislav Tikulin
Sarina Dorie “A Mate not a Meal” art by Josh Meehan
Don Sakers: The Reference Library
Classified Marketplace
Brass Tacks (Letters)
Anthony Lewis: Upcoming Events

Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Trevor Quachri
Associate Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistant: Deanna McLafferty
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: Dominic Harman
208 pages, $7.99 on newsstands until April 23, 2018
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