Alfred Hitchcock April 1966

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Vol. 11 No. 4 April 1966
Alfred Hitchcock: Dear Friends “Soon we will once again hear, from spring training camps, the crack of a baseball bat—hopefully, against a ball . . .”
Richard Hill Wilkinson “Night Clerk”
C.B. Gilford “Don’t Call It Murder”
Virginia Coffman “Spring Thaw”
Lawrence A. Hayner “The Big Diamond Glittered”
Cameron Wills “Personal”
Helen Nielsen “The Master’s Touch”
Steve Wyandotte “An Ill Wind”
Jack Ritchie “Plan 19”
Robert Specht “The Real Thing”
Ed Lacy “The Listening Cone”
Ree Montgomery “Cabin on the Old Dump Road”
Robert Edmond Alter “Haunted Hill”
Vera Henry “Between Trains”
Dan J. Marlowe “Don’t Lose Your Cool”
Richard Hardwick “The Private Eye of Irving Anvil”
Each story includes an illustration by Marguerite Blair Deacon

Editor and Publisher: Richard E. Decker
Managing Editor: G.F. Foster
Associate Editors: Pat Hitchcock, Ernest Hutter, Victoria S. Benham
Art Director: Marguerite Blair Deacon
164 pages, 50¢

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