Switchblade No. 9

“Voodoo Spider” (verse)
Scotch Rutherford: Editor’s Corner

Sharp & Deadly Fiction
Jack Bates
“Lucky Fuck”
Mark Slade “Death Letter Blues”
Richard Risemberg “Prisoners”
A.F. Knott “Stanley”
Stefen Styrsky “Black Flies”
Paul D. Marks “House of the Rising Sun”
J. Rohr “Unanswered Prayers”

Quick & Dirty Flash
Fred Rock
“Squaring Up With Eddie”
Glenn A. Bruce “Bobby ‘Eggs’ and Grady”
John Kojak “Going to California”

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Author Bios/Acknowledgments

Switchblade: An Anthology of Noir No. 9
May 2019
Caledonia Press
Editor: Scotch Rutherford
Cover photos: Scotch Rutherford
5” x 8”, 160 pages
POD $6.99 Kindle $2.99

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