Manhunt Aug. 1953

Manhunt Detective Story Monthly Vol. 1 No. 8 August 1953
Fletcher Flora “The Collector Comes After Payday”
Evan Hunter “Still Life”
Fredric Brown “The Little Lamb”
Frank Kane “Slay Belle” (Johnny Liddell)
Robert Turner “The Crime of My Wife”
Dan Sontup’s Portrait of a Killer: Robert W. Buchanan, M.D.
Craig Rice “The End of Fear” (John J. Malone)
Vincent H. Gaddis’ Crime Cavalcade
Frances Carfi Matranga “Less Perfect”
James M. Cain “Two O’Clock Blonde”
Richard Ellington “The Ripper” (Steve Drake)
Roy Carroll “Kayo”
Harold Q. Masur “Rhapsody in Blood” (Scott Jordan)
Donald Hamilton “Throwback”
Richard Marsten “The Innocent One”
Mugged and Printed: James M. Cain, Fredric Brown, Richard Ellington, Harold Q. Masur

Manhunt Aug. 1953 back

Flying Eagle Publications, Inc,
Editor: John McCloud
Managing Editor: E.A. Tulman
Art Director: Chas. W. Adams
Business Manager: R.E. Decker
144 pages, 35¢

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