Espionage Magazine July 1987
The second issue of the reboot, Espionage Magazine Vol. 2 No. 7 July 1987

Excerpt from Josh Pachter’s memoir of working for Espionage Magazine from The Digest Enthusiast No. 7:

After eleven issues Espionage sales were not self-sustaining.

“So, after a four-month hiatus, Espionage was “reborn” in May 1987 in its spiffy new format [magazine-size, shown in the featured image], with the words First Edition prominently placed on the cover in big red capital letters. The issue contained an even dozen pieces of fiction (including a “Spy Classic” credited in the table of contents to Douglas Greene but in fact was introduced by him and written by the English Mansfield brothers and published in 1900 under the pseudonym “Huan Mee,” plus a lengthy excerpt from a novel by Warren Burke), and, to my surprise (and, I admit it, gratification), my name was the first of the four listed on the cover.”

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