Switchblade No. 10

Brian Beatty “Vacancies” (verse)
Scotch Rutherford: Editor’s Corner

Quick & Dirty Flash Fiction
C.W. Blackwell “For Love or Money”
Serena Jayne “The Nature of Nurture”
Eddie McNamara “Greaser Jack”

Sharp & Deadly Short Fiction
Jim Towns “Bad Coffee and the Bomb”
N.W. Barcus “Roadside Diner”
Christian Goss “Perry, the Red Haired Girl, and the Gangster”
Tim V. Decker “Exit Schulz”
Gene Breaznell “Killing Raskolnik”
Beaumont Rand “Throw the Fight”
Jim Wilsky “Can’t Win for Losing”
Timothy Friend “Last Stand at the Rough Riders Roadside Old Town & Gunfight Museum”

Switchblade No. 10 back cover

Person of Interest: C.W. Blackwell
Author Bios & Acknowledgements

Switchblade: An Anthology of Noir No. 10
July 2019
Caledonia Press
Editor: Scotch Rutherford
Cover photos: Scotch Rutherford
Model: Lisa Douglass
5” x 8”, 174 pages
POD $7.99 Kindle $2.99

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