Fantastic Aug. 1975

Ted White: Editorial
R.A. Lafferty “Old Halloweens on the Guna Slopes” art by Richard Olsen
Harvey Schreiber “Death from the Sea” art by Steve Fabian
Barry N. Malzberg “Transfer” art by Tony Gleeson
Joe Haldeman “The Devil His Due”
L. Sprague de Camp: Literary Swordsmen & Sorcerers (El-Ron of the City of Brass)
Fritz Leiber: Fantasy Books
Michael Moorcock “Count Brass” Part Two (Dorian Hawkmoon) art by Harry Rolland
According to You (Letters)
Classified Advertisements

Fantastic Sword & Sorcery and Fantasy Stories Vol. 24 No. 5 August 1975
Publisher: Sol Cohen
Assoc. Publisher: Arthur Bernhard
Editor: Ted White
Assoc. Editor: Grant Carrington
Assist. Editor: Lou Stathis, Terry Hughes
Art Director: J. Edwards
Cover: Harry Rolland
5.25” x 7.75” 130 pages 75¢

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