Detective No. 3

Detective, the Magazine of True Crime Cases Vol. 1 No. 3 July 1951
Rex Ainsworth “Stranger in the House”
Anthony Abbot “The Vanishing Heart”
Alvin F. Harlow “A Shot Through the Window”
Edward D. Radin “Death on Mount Torment”
Will Oursler “Ocey and the Ladies in Black”
Courtney Ryley Cooper “The Unseen Web”
Maurice Zolotow “The Mindreader and the Autopsy”
Herbert Asbury “The Monster of Sixty-third Street”
Edward S. Sullivan “Assignment: The Black-Hooded Cult”
Meyer Berger “9 A.M. on River Road”

Publisher: Lawrence E. Spivak
Editor: Edward D. Radin
Managing Editor: Robert P. Mills
General Manager: Joseph W. Ferman
Cover: Dirone Photography
5.5” x 7.75” 128 pages 35¢

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