Michael Shayne No. 5

Leo Margulies’s Big Shayne Coming UP
Brett Halliday (unknown ghost writer) “A Challenge in Corpses”
Will Cotton “A Long Time Dying”
Jonathan Craig “Sunday’s Slaughter”
Thelma L. Beach “The Frightened Passenger”
Tedd Thomey “Brother, Brother . . .”
Theresa Anne O’Malley “No Questions”
William Campbell Gault “I’ll Be Waiting”
Richard Deming “Comfort for the Grave”
Peter Cheyney “He Walked in Her Sleep”

Michael Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol. 1 No. 5 Jan. 1957
Publisher: Leo Margulies
Editor: Sam Merwin, Jr.
Managing Editor: Cylvia Kleinman
Production: Joan Sherman
5.25” x 7.75” 160 pages 35¢

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