Pulp Literature No. 24

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From the Pulp Lit Pulpit: A Literary Harvest
In This Issue
J.J. Lee “The Man in the Long Black Coat: Bekker”
Feature Interview: J.J. Lee
Mel Anastasiou “The Extra: Frankie Ray Goes to Hollywood”
Tyner Gillies “The Lord of Lawn Ornaments”
Chuck Lim “The Red Tiger”
Susan Pieters “The Map According to Me”
F.J. Bergmann “Yellow Paint”
K.T. Wagner “Cabin Fever”
Adam Fout “Black Glass”
Robin Malcolm “The Bumblebee’s Daughter”
The 2019 Magpie Award for Poetry
Susan Haldane “A Short History of Space Travel”
Jack Waldheim “Whiskey Breath”
Roxanna Bennett “The Last of the Iron Lungs”
J.M. Landels “The Shepherdess”
The Artists (bios)
Hall of Fame (Patreon supporters)
Conferences and Events

Pulp Literature No.24 Autumn 2019
Publisher: Pulp Literature Press
Managing Editor: Jennifer Landels
Acquisitions Editor: Melanie Anastasiou
Story Editor: Jessica Fabrizius
Assistant Editors: Genevieve Wynand, Samatha Olson
Poetry Editors: Daniel Cowper, Emily Osborne
Copy Editor/Designer: Amanda Bidnall
Proofreader: Mary Rykov
Cover Design: Kate Landels
Cover Art: Steve R. Gagnon
Interior Art: Mel Anastasiou
234 pages
Print $14.99 Kindle $4.99
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