Paperback Fanatic No. 42

Justin Marriott: Fanatical Thoughts
Contents Page
Darrin Venticinque with a Jane Frank assist: A New Peak in Horror—Eat Them Alive by Pierce Nace
James Dong: The Devil is a Gentleman—Dennis Wheatley
Dark Forces at Work—A Gallery of Dennis Wheatley’s Occult Novels
Scott Carlson: Voyage of the Carlson
Nigel Taylor: Young, Sharkey and Wilson
S.M. Guariento: Tripping the Ink Fantastic (Interview about Light Into Ink, an in-depth study of film novelizations)
Richard Pérez Seves: Unmasking Stanton (fetish artists Eric Stanton and Gene Billbrew)
Bill Cunningham: Mad Pulp Bastard (interview)
Andrew Nette: Sticking It to the Man (interview)

Paperback Fanatic No. 42 back cover

Paperback Fanatic No. 42 Nov. 2019
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Assistant Editor: Jim O’Brien
Proofer: Tom Tesarek
7” x 10” 70 pages, full color
Print Only $10.00
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