Occult Detective Magazine No. 6

Contents Page
Dave Brzeki: Editorial
John Linwood Grant’s In Memoriam: Sam Gafford (1962–2019)
Melanie Atherton Allen “The Rending Veil” art by Autumn Barlow
Tade Thompson “Komolafe”
Matthew Willis “The Way of All Fresh”
Cliff Biggers “Blindsider”
S.L. Edwards’ Kotto’s Creepies: An Interview with Jonathan Raab
I.A. Watson “Vinnie de Soth and the Phantom Skeptic”
Kelly M. Hudson “The Empanatrix of Room 223” art by Bob Freeman
Bryce Beattie “The Unsummoning of Urb Tc’Leth”
Alexis Ames “In Perpetuity”
Craig Stanton’s Nury Vittachi’s The Feng Shui Detective and the Singapore Union of Industrial Mystics
S.L. Edwards “The Way Things Were”
John Paul Fitch “Angelus”
Ian Hunter “The Last Performance of Victoria Mirabelli”
Michael Kellar’s Cold Cases: Supernatural Sleuths: Stories of Occult Investigators Edited by Peter Haining
James A. Moore & Charles R. Rutledge “Occult Legion: He is the Gate” art by Russell Smeaton
Describin’ the Scribes

Occult Detective Magazine No. 6 back cover

Occult Detective Magazine No. 6 Fall 2019
Publisher: Jilly Paddock & Dave Brzeski
Editors: John Linwood Grant and Dave Brzeski
Cover: Roland Nikrandt
6” x 9” 206 pages
Print $11.81

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