Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan/Feb 2020

Contents Pages
Essa Hansen “Save, Salve, Shelter”
Matthew Hughes “Air of the Overworld”
Michael Cassutt “Banshee”
Charles de Lint: Books to Look For
Storm Cursed by Patricia Briggs
The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson
The Green Man’s Foe by Juliet E. McKenna
The Man Who Wouldn’t Die by A.B. Jewell
The Slab by Jeffrey J. Mariotte
Belladonna University Box Set by Tansy Rayner Roberts
Halloween is Not a Verb by Tansy Rayner Roberts
C.C. Finlay: Recommended Reading
A Song for a New Day by Sarah Pinsker
Storm of Locusts by Rebecca Roanhorse
Catfishing on CatNet by Naomi Kritzer
Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko
Joanna Russ by Gwyneth Jones
Monstress and Monstress Volume Four: The Chosen by Marjorie Lin & Sana Takeda
Farmhand by Rob Guillory
Alex Irvine “Chisel and Chime”
Elaine Vilar Madruga “Elsinore Revolution” translated by Toshiya Kamei
Albert E. Cowdrey “Falling Angel”
Julianna Baggott “The Key to Composing Human Skin”
Corey Flintoff “Interlude in Arcadia”
Karin Lowachee’s Films: Ad Astra Per Corde
Jerry Oltion’s Science: Where’s My Flying Car?
Auston Habershaw “Three Gowns for Clara”
Melissa Marr “The Nameless”
Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation
Rahul Kanakia “The Leader Principle”
Coming Attractions
F&SF Market Place
Rich Horton’s Curiosities: Man’s Mortality by Michael Arlin

Fantasy & Science Fiction Vol. 138 No. 1 and 2, No. 747, Jan/Feb 2020
Publisher: Gordon Van Gelder
Editor: C.C. Finlay
Assistant Publishers: Barbara J. Norton, Keith Kahla
Assistant Editors: Robin O’Connor, Stephen L. Mazur, Lisa Rogers
Contests Editor: Carol Pinchefsky
Cover: Max Bertolini
Cartoons: Nick Downes, Arthur Masear, Arthur Masear, Kendra Allenby
258 pages, $8.99 on newsstands until March 2, 2020
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