Broadswords and Blasters No. 12

The pulp magazine with modern sensibilities is going out big. Issue 12 is both twice as thick as previous issues, but it’s also the last issue for the indefinite future. Co-editors Matthew Gomez and Cameron Mount summed it up: “We’ve had a good run, but both of us want to work on different projects, and well, we’d like to think we are ending on a high note.”

Broadswords and Blasters No. 12 Winter 2020
Contents Page
Matthew X. Gomez & Cameron Mount: From the Editors
J. Rohr “Riding the Rails”
Richard L. Rubin “Commander Saturn and the Air Bandit of Mars”
D.J. Tyrer “Journey to Mount Argaeas”
Kristen Reid “American Appetites”
Jonathan Mast “Callahan and the Bomb Squad”
S. Gepp “No Stand”
Ben Serna-Grey “Smoke & Hamsters”
Keith Kennedy “The Drive Home”
E.G. Thompson “The DSO”
T.L. Simpson “Crowbait”
Andrew Miller “Shootout at Namaste Mart”
Roger H. Stone “Spaceman and the Freakshow”
Steve DuBois “The Professionals”
Anthony Pickett “Aces and Rogues”
Russell W. Johnson “Don’t Let the Law Hit Ya Where the Good Lord Split Ya”
Kristen Brand “Starstruck”
Scott Forbes Crawford “A Lone Man is No Warrior”
Matt Spencer “The Radiant Abyss”

Broadswords and Blasters No. 12 back

Editors: Matthew X. Gomez, Cameron Mount
Cover: Luke Spooner
6” x 9”, 255 pages
Print $9.99, Kindle $3.99

Broadswords and Blasters website

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