EconoClash Review No. 5

EconoClash Review No. 5
J.D. Graves: Welcome Thrill Seekers
Cynthia Ward “California Communion”
Cameron Mount “Silo”
E.F. Sweetman “Mr. Muffin”
R. Daniel Lester “The Retcon”
Aeryn Rudel “Luck Be a Bullet”
David Rachels “The Bridesmaid”
Die Booth “Hell Yeah!”
Adam S. Furman “Service with a Smith”
Aristo Couvaras “The Sleep-Tights”
J. Manfred Weichsel “Aid and Comfort”
Cheap Thrills Bios

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Editor-in-Chief: J.D. Graves
Cover: Eric Asaris
Story Art: Duane Crockett
5” x 8”, 142 pages
Print $10.95 Kindle $4.99
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