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Fantasy & Science Fiction Nov/Dec 2020

Fantasy & Science Fiction Nov/Dec 2020 • 71st Year of Publication

The Bahrain Underground Bazaar by Nadia Afifi
La Regina Ratto by Nick Dichario
How to Burn Down the Hinterlands by Lyndsie Manusos
The Glooms by Matthew Hughes
A Tale of Two Witches by Albert E. Cowdrey
A Civilized and Orderly Zombie Apocalypse per School Regulations by Sarina Dorie
The Homestake Project by Cylin Busby
On Vapor, Which the Night Condenses by Gregor Hartmann
The Silent Partner by Theodore McCombs
Skipping Stones in the Dark by Amman Sabet
Least Weird Thing of All by Beth Cato
Mended by Mary Soon Lee
Space Isn’t Like the Vids by Beth Cato
Books to Look For by Charles de Lint
Musing on Books by Michelle West
Films: Three Degrees of Shirley Jackson by David J. Skal
Science: Is Math Real? by Jerry Oltion
Competition #100
Coming Attractions
Index to Volumes 138 & 139
Curiosities by Paul Di Filippo
Mark Heath, Kendra Allenby, Bill Long.
David A. Hardy for “Skipping Stones in the Dark”

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