B.K. Stevens

B.K. Stevens’ series for Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (AHMM), described by Stevens herself, from her interview in The Digest Enthusiast book six:

Walt Johnson and Gordon Bolt
“Walt Johnson is a highly respected police lieutenant. Everyone, especially his adoring subordinate, Sergeant Gordon Bolt, sees him as a brilliant detective. But Walt is in fact a dim bulb, earnest and well-meaning but always in a fog. He blunders through his cases, missing every clue, blurting out clichés and irrelevant observations that reveal just how lost he is. Bolt, much smarter than Walt but far too humble, thinks Walt is a genius and seizes on everything he says, misinterpreting all his muddle-headed remarks as dazzling deductions.”

Iphigenia Woodhouse and Harriet Russo
“Iphigenia Woodhouse is single and childless, but she has an enduring bond to an ex-fiancé who’s still faithful to her, even though she ended their engagement many years ago. Her assistant, Harriet Russo, serves as something between a daughter and a sister to her (and also serves as her Watson). And Iphigenia definitely has a mother, the eccentric and ferociously demanding Professor Minerva Woodhouse.”

Leah Abrams Mysteries
“Of all my characters, Leah’s the one who has the most in common with me. She’s Jewish, she was a professor (though she didn’t stick with it as long as I did, and she taught communication, not English), she’s married to a wonderfully patient and understanding man, and she has daughters named Sarah and Rachel (though my Sarah and Rachel were never as mischievous and contentious as hers). There are differences, too. Leah’s smarter and more observant than I am, but I think—I hope—she’s also more credulous.”


The Digest Enthusiast Jun. 2017 Interview

“What Goes Around” Murder Most Conventional: Malice Domestic Anthology 2016, ed. Verena Rose, Barb Goffman, and Rita Owen (May 2016)
AHMM Apr. 2016 “The Last Blue Glass”
Her Infinite Variety: Tales of Women and Crime (Wildside Press, Apr. 2016)

Fighting Chance (Poisoned Pen Press, Oct. 2015)
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“Living Underwater” Jewish Noir: Contemporary Tales of Crime and Other Dark Deeds, ed. Kenneth Wishnia (PM Press, Oct. 2015)
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Interpretation of Murder (Black Opal Books, Apr. 2015)

AHMM Dec. 2014 Johnson/Bolt #12 “True Enough: Bolt’s Last Case”
“The Shopper” Creatures, Crimes, and Creativity 2014 Anthology (Intrigue Publishing, Oct. 2014)

Woman’s World Nov.7, 2013 “A Spotless Reputation”
AHMM Jul/Aug 2013 Woodhouse/Russo #9 “Murder Will Speak”
Woman’s World Jun. 24, 2013 “Scratch That”
AHMM May 2013 “All That Glisters”
“No Good Deed” To Hell in a Fast Car, ed. John L. French (Dark Quest Books, Jan. 2013)

AHMM Jun. 2012 “Thea’s First Husband” finalist for Agatha and Macavity awards; on list of Other Distinguished Mystery Stories in Best American Mystery Stories 2013

Untreed Reads Mar. 2011 One Shot (novella)

AHMM Dec. 2010 “Interpretation of Murder” Derringer winner for Best Long Story
Untreed Reads Dec. 2010 “Little Dumber Boy”
AHMM May 2010 Leah Abrams #5 “Death in Rehab”
AHMM May 2010 Johnson/Bolt #11 “True Test”

AHMM Jun. 2009 “Adjuncts Anonymous” Derringer finalist

AHMM May 2008 Woodhouse/Russo #8 “Table for None”

AHMM May 2006 Leah Abrams #4 “Death on a Diet”

AHMM Jan/Feb 2005 Johnson/Bolt #10 “True Blue”

AHMM May 2003 Woodhouse/Russo #7 “More Deadly to Give”

AHMM Oct. 2002 Leah Abrams #3 “Death of the Guilty Party”
AHMM Feb. 2002 Johnson/Bolt #9 “True Colors”

AHMM Jul/Aug 2000 “Honor among Thieves”
AHMM April 2000 Woodhouse/Russo #6 “A Wild Justice”

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AHMM Sep. 1998 Johnson/Bolt #8 “True Suspects”
AHMM Jun. 1998 Woodhouse/Russo #5 “The Devil Hath Power”
AHMM Feb. 1998 Leah Abrams #1 “Death on a Budget”

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AHMM May 1996 Woodhouse/Russo #4 “Butlers in Love”

AHMM Sep. 1995 Johnson/Bolt #6 “True Love”
Woman’s World Aug. 15, 1995 “Flattery Will Get You Everywhere”
Family Circle Aug.1995 “The Good Listener” first place in national suspense-writing contest judged by Mary Higgins Clark

AHMM Dec. 1994 Woodhouse/Russo #3 “Death in Small Doses” reprinted in Women of Mystery III, ed. Kathleen Halligan (Carroll & Graf, 1998); reprinted in translation in a collection published by Livre de Poche
AHMM Mar. 1994 Johnson/Bolt #5 “True Crime”

AHMM Dec. 1993 Woodhouse/Russo #2 “Sideshow” reprinted in Women of Mystery II, ed. Cynthia Manson (Carroll & Graf, 1994); reprinted as “Une simple diversion” in Histoires d’homicides a domicile (Livre de Poche, 1995)
Woman’s World Jul. 6, 1993 “Aunt Jessica’s Justice”

Woman’s World Sep. 8, 1992 “All in a Day’s Work”
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AHMM Mid-Dec. 1991 Woodhouse/Russo #1 “Night Vision” reprinted in Women of Mystery, ed. Cynthia Manson (Carroll & Graf, 1992)
Woman’s World Nov. 5, 1991 “The Dating Game”
AHMM Jul. 1991 “Final Jeopardy”

AHMM Nov. 1990 Johnson/Bolt #3 “True Romance” reprinted as “Les plans les mieux concus” in Histoires d’epreuves et de corrections (Livre de Poche, 1994)

AHMM May 1989 Johnson/Bolt #2 “True Confession”
AHMM Oct. 1989 “An Ounce of Prevention”
Woman’s World Mar. 7, 1989 “Likely Suspect”

Woman’s World Jul. 13, 1988 “Baby Talk”
AHMM Jun. 1988 Johnson/Bolt #1 “True Detective” reprinted in Five First Stories (Davis Publications, Inc., Fall 1990)