Irving Burstiner’s “Pardon My Terror”

msmm_2_1957_500Stories from Suspense Magazine #2 Summer 1951: “Pardon My Terror” by Irving Burstiner

Suspense Magazine editor Theodore Irwin wrote that submissions often seem to arrive in trends. A wave of “wife murders or ghost yarns.” For Suspense #2 there was a run on “fiends,” from which Irwin selected two, based on merit and because “. . . they serve to emphasize the vast differences writers can bring to the same theme.”

“Terror” is only just over three pages in length, yet Burstiner manages to add a clever twist to bring his story’s fiend to a satisfying end.

Burstiner also create a puzzle called “Find the Detective,” for Michael Shayne Mystery Magazine (Feb 1957).

Galaxy Novel #9

gn9Four Sided Triangle by William F. Temple is the ninth Galaxy Novel, published in 1952, with a cover by Richard Powers.

Steve Carper’s “The Galaxy Science Fiction Novels” appears in The Digest Enthusiast #4 (June 2016), covering the first 35 digest-sized books in the series. His follow-up “Sin in Space: The Galaxy Beacon Novels,” covering books #36–46 appears in Paperback Parade #97 (March 2017).

Thomas A. Coffee’s World Within

suspense_2Stories from Suspense Magazine #2 Summer 1951: “World Within” by Thomas A. Coffee

Billed as a science adventure, Coffee’s story was a hoot. An investigator from the Board of Health quickly finds himself at peril from a Dr. Cyclops-type threat. Their battle inside the clinic soon morphs into a fantastic voyage at the cellular level. It’s a wild contest of wits and an exhilarating adventure ride.

I could find no information online about other stories by Coffee.

Ron Fortier’s The Hideout


The Digest Enthusiast #4

Although The Digest Enthusiast is primarily a non-fiction series, we like to include a few short stories in each edition. After all, fiction is why readers are drawn to the digests we write about in the first place.

“The Hideout” is a Brother Bones short story featuring Ron Fortier’s iconic avenger. Here’s an excerpt from the story which appeared in The Digest Enthusiast book four, with illustrations by Rob Davis.

“Bones, you are needed.” Within the shimmering yellow flame he saw the tiny angelic face of his spirit guide; a teenage girl he’d shot to death in his previous life as gunman Tommy Bonello.

Broadswords and Blasters #1

BB1_500The pulp magazine with modern sensibilities.

From the Editors
“Skin Deep” by Nicolas Ozment
“Dead Men Tell Tales” by Dave D’Alessio
“The Executioner’s Daughter” by R.A. Goli
“Pension Plan” by Dusty Wallace
“Saturday Night Science” by Michael M. Jones
“Island of Skulls” part one by Matt Spencer
“The Waters So Dark” by Josh Reynolds
“Thicker than Water” by Rob Francis

Broadswords and Blasters #1 April 2017
Editors: Matthew X. Gomez, Cameron Mount
Cover: Luke Spooner
Illos: Dean Spencer
6” x 9”, 90 pages
POD $6.95, Kindle $2.99 (free with print version)

Broadswords and Blasters website

Mary Elizabeth Counselman’s Pennies


Aug. 1934

Stories from Suspense Magazine #2 Summer 1951: “Penny Wise, Fate Foolish” by Mary Elizabeth Counselman

The intro from Suspense: “Once voted by readers the most popular short story ever printed in Weird Tales [Aug. 1934], where it appeared under the title “Three Marked Pennies,” this closely knit fantasy is among the finest of the kind. Cited by the writer’s magazines for excellence of plot, it has been dramatized for stage and radio, and reprinted in England, France, Denmark, Norway and Holland. Its most recent appearance was in the Rinehart collection The Night Side, edited by August Derleth.”
Written when Counselman was a teen, “Penny Wise” is a macabre tale that sets its table stakes high: wealth, world travel or death. Where the game began is left a mystery, and its winners may not cash-in the way they expect.

Counselman went on to write for Collier’s, The Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping and others, but her landmark story was one of the three all time most popular in Weird Tales’ long history.

Switchblade #1

switchblade-1-500Is there anything more unexpected for a Happy Mother’s Day than a Switchblade?

Warning by Scotch Rutherford

Flash Fiction
“Getting Away With It” by Paul D. Brazill
“Gut Wrenching” by Jim J. Wilsky
“Re-Election” by Fred Zackel
“Primed” by Scotch Rutherford
“Urban Legend #223” by Susan Cornford

Short Stories
“The Stooge” by Tom Leins
“Rats” by Liam Sweeny
“That’s All Right Mama” by Steve Liskow
“Taste for Danger” by Lawrence Kelter
“The Apex Predator” by William Dylan Powell
“North Creek Brown” by Preston Lang
“Stranger in a Bar” by Travis Richardson
“Killing Time so I Can Dig Myself a Deeper Grave” by Jack Bates

Author Bios and Acknowlegements

Editor: Scotch Rutherford
Cover: Johanna Baquero, Back: Scotch Rutherford
5” x 8”, 106 pages
POD $6.95, Kindle $2.99 (99¢ with the print version)

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