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Johnny Liddell

“Johnny Liddell leaned back in his desk chair, watched the shadow on the corridor side of the frosted glass door that proclaimed ‘Johnny Liddell—Private Investigations—Entrance Room 825.'”
“Dead Weight” by Frank Kane
Jonathan Press Mystery No. 56 1951

The Jon Kirk of Ares series

Book #1

Book #1

Scientific Romance by Gary Lovisi inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter novels and set upon the faraway Planet Ares!

Jon Kirk, is a soldier who was killed in the Battle of Hue in the 1968 Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War. Or was he? To his surprise, he found himself instantly saved from death and transported to the mysterious faraway planet of Ares. There he meets strange people and stranger creatures, fights against the monstrous Winged-Men, battles to win the love of the beautiful Princess Sirah — and that is just the beginning of his strange adventures. This is fun pulp action and scientific romance in the best tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs and his famed John Carter of Mars series. Jon Kirk begins his own adventures in book #1, THE WINGED MEN (Wildside Press, 2014, tpb original), and now two new novels in the series are just out: book #2, THE INVISIBLE MEN, and book #3, THE SPACE MEN that continue the series and expand the action and danger. This is rousing pulp adventure. Each book features wonderful cover art by famed fantasy artist Marcus Boas.

Book #2

Book #2

Gor Books creator John Norman said of THE WINGED MEN: “In my view, it is a fresh country in its own right, and certainly one that ERB, and those fond of ERB, like myself, would recognize, find familiar, welcome, and relish. I bet ERB would have liked it, too.”

Famed author and Burroughs scholar, Richard A. Lupoff said of THE WINGED MEN: “Jon Kirk’s adventures among beautiful women, barbarous men and cannibalistic aliens demonstrates all the heart of a true lover of the interplanetary romance, and will surely delight readers with a yearning to escape the stress of modern civilization and travel to a world of action, intrigue, gallantry and romance.”

The Jon Kirk of Ares Books by Gary Lovisi:

Book #3

Book #3

The Jon Kirk of Ares books are available from the publisher, Wildside Press.

The books are also available for $15.00 each (+ $3.00 postage in USA, or $14.00 Outside USA) from Gryphon Books.


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F&SF Sep/Oct 2015

Fantasy & Science Fiction Sep/Oct 2015 double issue

Fantasy & Science Fiction Sep/Oct 2015 double issue

Fantasy & Science Fiction Sep/Oct 2015 double issue

“The Lord of Ragnarök” by Albert E. Cowdrey

“We’re So Very Sorry for Your Recent Tragic Loss” by Nick Wolven
“Monsieur” by David Gerrold
“The Adventure of the Clockwork Men” by Ron Goulart
“Rascal Saturday” by Richard Bowes

Short Stories
“Ten Stamps Viewed Under Water” by Melissa Lingen
“A Hot Day’s Night” by Paulo Bacigalupi
“A House of Her Own” by Bo Balder
“Don’t Move” by Dennis Etchison
“The Bone War” by Elizabeth Bear

“Energy Matters” by Sophie White

Books to Look For by Charles de Lint
Books by Chris Moriarty
Films: Sex Machina by David J. Skal
Coming Attractions
Curiosities by Pheonix Alexander

Editor: Gordon Van Gelder
Cover art by Cory and Catska Ench depicting “The Lord of Ragnarök”

On newsstands until Nov. 2, 2015


Fate Magazine #725

Fate Magazine #725

“Fate magazine has featured “True Reports of the Strange and Unknown” since 1948. Fate is the longest-running periodical in its field and the only one to offer readers a compelling mix of factual documentation, exclusive investigative reporting, and real personal experiences serving to expand awareness, fire the imagination, and enrich lives.”

Contributors in this 2014 edition include Penelope Smith, Cyndi Lepori, Madeleine Walker, Katharine Clark, Paul Hogan, Cora Smilkovich, Barbara E. Lewter, Echo Bodine, Devlin Blake, Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, Ph.D., Rosemary Guiley, Chuck Lyons, Diane Tessman, Jessica Freeburg, Janet Red Feather and Mark Twain.

Rusty mud

“Edward Dawes stifled his curiosity as long as he could, then he sidled over and lowered his large bulk carefully onto the chair opposite Herbert Smithers. Leaning on the table, he watched the other man clean away rusty mud from the object in his hands.”
“The Knife” by Robert Arthur
The Mysterious Traveler Magazine #1, Nov. 1951