A Dashiell Hammett Detective

Jonathan Press J36, Sept. 1948

Jonathan Press J36, Sept. 1948

Jonathan Press Mystery digest (J36, Sept. 21, 1948), reprinted two Dashiell Hammett stories, “The Big Knock-Over” and “$106,000 Blood Money,” combining them to appear as a single novel-length feature. “Blood Money” is noted on the cover, but simply begins as Chapter Fifteen of the The Big Knock-Over novel.

Here’s the opening:
“I found Paddy the Mex in Jean Larrouy’s dive.

“Paddy—an amiable con man who looked like the King of Spain—showed me his big white teeth in a smile, pushed a chair out for me with one foot, and told the girl who shared his table:

“’Nellie, meet the biggest-hearted dick in San Francisco. This little fat guy will do anything for anybody, if only he can send ‘em over for life in the end.’ He turned to me, waving his cigar at the girl: ’Nellie Wade, and you can’t get anything on her. She don’t have to work—her old man’s a bootlegger.’”

The indicia inside notes: “These mysteries are sometimes reprinted in full, but more often they are cut to speed up the story—always, of course, with the permission of the author or his publisher. This mystery has not been cut.”

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