Fate’s True Stories of the Strange and Unknown

Fate April 1970

Fate April 1970

Along with the “Asian Versions of Snowman Woman,” the April 1970 edition of Fate magazine also included Timothy Green Beckley’s article “Russia Searches For the Abominable Snowman.” One of many articles Beckley wrote for Fate throughout the years.

In an email sent to Tom Brinkmann for Tom’s article in TDE3, Beckley wrote, “Out- side of Fate none of these pubs sold very well. Fate did a respectable 40,000 on the newsstand—they had about a hundred-thousand subscribers but that nearly ruined them ‘cause they would get paid like a buck a subscription from Publishers Clearing House and other discount outlets and little by little the postage went up and the advertising revenue went way down.”

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An interview with comic artist and illustrator Michael Neno, whose artwork regularly appears in TDE, was recently featured on John Orlando’s The PVDcast #96.

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