The Digest Enthusiast: now on Magzter

Magzter is the world’s largest digital magazine newsstand with over 8,500 magazines in its catalog, and you can now read a digital version of The Digest Enthusiast there as well.

Like other ePub apps, you can purchase, download and read your books through the Magzter app or web browser on your tablet, smartphone or computer. But what’s different is that Magzter’s magazines are based on PDF files not html like Kindle, iBooks and Nook. This means the layout of the Magzter digital version of a magazine matches the printed version.

Every issue of The Digest Enthusiast is available through Magzter for $2.99 each. And you can also subscribe for $5.99 for two of our twice yearly issues beginning with the current issue, #5. Issue 6 is already in development and scheduled for release in June 2017.

Read The Digest Enthusiast in the format you like best: Print, Kindle—and now on Magzter.