More Monsters!

Super-Science Fiction June 1959

In mid-1959 Super-Science Fiction went all in on monsters. The “Second Monster Issue” appeared in June 1959 with a cover by Kelly Freas of a giant grub-like thing with gnashing teeth, dwarfing the space-suited couple in the foreground.

The lead story, “Terror of the Undead Corpses” by Russell Thompson, begins like this:

“The rustle in the thick foliage stopped, and Cadet I-C Davies let his right hand relax and drop from the holster, where his .45 automatic lay, heavy and reassuring, against his right thigh. He resumed his patrol around the sleeping bulk of the space ship.”

Search results on “Russell Thompson” are sparse, but his name shows up twice in issues of Guilty Detective Story Magazine and once in Off Beat Detective Stories. “Terror” was reprinted in Armchair Fiction’s collection of Horror Gems Volume Nine in June 2015.