A monstrous edition of Super-Science Fiction

Emsh illo for “Beasts of Nightmare Horror” by Richard F. Watson, Super-Science Fiction June 1959

Robert Silverberg’s novelette, “Beasts of Nightmare Horror,” written as Richard F. Watson, didn’t garner a cover caption on the June 1959 edition of Super-Science Fiction. But it was the headline story on the contents page, and opens with a wonderfully monstrous illustration by Ed Emshwiller. The story gets off to a roaring start:

“The strange monsters made their first appearance on what was otherwise a pleasant early spring afternoon on the Terran colony-world of Cameron. Cameron had been settled three years before; its population consisted of some five thousand hard-working settlers. They had built themselves a neat, well-constructed village in the heart of the fertile plain of Cameron’s largest continent, and for three years the colonists had known no trouble. Then, out of nowhere, the monsters came.”

Silverberg wrote “The Day the Monsters Broke Loose” under his own name for the issue, which also includes stories by Russell Thompson, James Rosenquest, Bill Wesley and Lloyd Biggle, Jr.