Super-Science Fiction Aug. 1959

The third monster issue of Super-Science Fiction, August 1959 is also a portfolio of terrific illustrations by Ed Emshwiller, who starts things off with his cover painting. And here’s what’s lurking inside:

“The Horror in the Attic” by Alex Merriman, art by Emsh
Science Shorts by Edgar P. Straus
“Monsters That Once Were Men” by Eric Rodman, art by Emsh
“Birth of a Monster” by Richard Stark, art by Emsh
Toward Absolute Zero
“Man-Hunting Robot” by James Rosequest, art by Emsh
“Planet of the Angry Giants” by Dirk Clinton, art by Emsh
“World of Creeping Terror” by J.W. Rose, art by Emsh
“Which was the Monster?” by Dan Malcolm, art by Emsh
“Specimens” by George H. Smith