Criswell Predicts: Fate #4

“The “Criswell Predicts” radio broadcast had preceded his writing of articles and columns and Criswell’s “87% correct” claim had been established by the time Ray Palmer wrote his editorial in this early issue of Fate. Palmer, writing as “Robert N. Webster,” seemed most concerned with the accuracy of Criswell’s predictions and stated, ‘We’re going to ‘keep score’ on
him and see whether or not he can live up to his reputation for correctness. Incidentally, Mr. Criswell will appear in FATE each month with predictions for the coming month, or with special prognostications that may apply.’ Criswell did not appear monthly as Palmer initially stated; he actually only wrote in the four issues listed here.”
Fate #4 Winter 1949
Fate #6 July 1949
Fate #18 March 1951
Fate #37 April 1953

Excerpt from “Criswell Predicts: Fate & Spaceway” by Tom Brinkmann, TDE4 June 2016