John Gearon’s “Faces Turned Against Him”

persian-catStories from Suspense Magazine #1 Spring 1951

John Gearon’s fine novelette, “Faces Turned Against Him,” wraps up the first issue of Suspense Magazine on a high note. Gearon hooks readers with his characters, action and the magazine’s high-tension standard. Here’s one of several nice passages from the story:

“The windows were up and the heater was on. An hour after noon, cold weather had descended suddenly on New England. The road to Bridgeville and the county jail was like a ribbon of toothpaste squeezed snake-like across the dull brown landscape.”

John Gearon wrote scripts for both the Suspense radio and television programs. Under the pseudonym John Flagg, he wrote a series of thrillers for Gold Medal Books in the 1950s, including The Persian Cat, which was recently reissued as Black Gat Book #4.