The Grift that Keeps on Giving

grift_2One of the original crime fiction digests out of the early digital age of POD was Grift Magazine. The creative vision of John Kenyon, Grift Magazine has appeared twice. The first in April 2012, the second in July 2013. It’s been a long haul for No. 3, but as recently as August 2015, Kenyon posted on his Facebook page, “Life gets in the way sometimes, but it will be worth the wait.”

I interviewed John in mid-2016 for fourth The Digest Enthusiast and asked him about the origins of Grift.

“I started Grift because at the time there were few print venues for crime fiction. Plenty of online outlets, but the opportunities to publish in print were lacking, I thought. At the same time, the sensibilities of the publications that did exist—both in print and online—seemed at odds with what I and others I knew liked to read and write. While it seemed as if other publications leaned toward the ultra-violent, I wanted something more cerebral. No less hard-hitting, but just with less gore. I also wanted to offer a forum for nonfiction work, independent scholarship that would help to expand readers’ understanding of the genre.”

The first two editions of Grift Magazine are outstanding. While we’re waiting for the third, the originals are available thanks to the magic of POD at

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