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Richard Lewis’ “Maiden Beware”

Stories from Suspense Magazine #2 Summer 1951: “Maiden Beware” by Richard Lewis.

The first issue of Suspense announced, “In each issue, the magazine Suspense will present one of the distinguished scripts [from the radio program] which have made broadcasting history.”

The second issue’s radio script was the episode first broadcast on July
27, 1944 as “The Black Shawl” starring Margaret O’Sullivan and Dame Mae Whitty. A young woman is hired as a private companion and soon finds herself fearing bondage and slavery. Is it just her nerves or is something seriously wrong with her employer?

You can listen to episode #89 online here, along with hundreds of others.

Edith Saylor Abbot: “Evil Is the Night”

Stories from Suspense Magazine #2 Summer 1951: “Evil Is the Night” by Edith Saylor Abbot

Like the previous story in the issue, the tension in “Evil” is built through the imagination of the reader. The fiend may or may not be on-scene, but his rep positively dominates the page. And here again, as in the preceding “Pardon My Terror,” the final twist of “Evil” is unexpected and devastating.

This is the only story listed at Galactic Central for Ms. Abbot.

The American Bystander #4

A_-Bystander_4_500Here’s an indie magazine well worth supporting. Newsweek calls it “The Last Great Humor Magazine.” The contributor list is a who’s who of cartoonists and humorists. You can buy single issues direct or subscribe via a Patreon plan that is essentially pay per issue.

Check out their website, for all the details including sample pages.

Kuš! Mono #3

Kuz_Mono_3_500Latvia comics publisher Kuš! began the Kuš! Mono series earlier this year. They’re perfect bound, full color, pocket-size paperbacks that measure about 4” x 6” (A6). The third edition is by one of my favorite indie cartoonists, Theo Ellsworth. His story, “An Exorcism,” is 128 pages, a wordless journey into the expulsion of demons.

The Kuš! comics shop on the ecrater platform provides preview pages and ordering information.

The Digest Enthusiast Book Six

tde6cover_500It’s here. The print and Magzter editions are available now and the Kindle edition should be later today. Here’s the content underneath that great cover by Brian Buniak:

• Digest News Previews of Rick Ollerman’s Down & Out: The Magazine #1, Karen Valentine’s Betty Fedora #4, Pulp Literature #15, The Pulpster #26, our joint venture with Uncle B. Publications, Pulp Modern, and much more.

• Interviews with Edd Vick (Analog, Asimov’s)* and B.K. Stevens (AHMM).

Manhunt 1953 #1–4 synopses by Peter Enfantino of the greatest crime digest ever.

tde6back_500• International Science Fiction #1 & 2 a fascinating look at this short-lived digest.

• Bob Hope’s They Got Me Covered, a title that turned out to be all too true, by Steve Carper

Sharon Tate’s Fate, weird reporting on the horrific murder by Tom Brinkmann

• Digest Dolls Trading Cards by Max Allan Collins

• Weirdbook #34 reviewed

• Fiction by Lesann Berry, Alec Cizak, and Joe Wehrle, Jr.

• Artwork and cartoons by Brad W. Foster, Michael Neno, Bob Vojtko, and Joe Wehrle, Jr. Haiku by Clark Dissmeyer

I have not updated the Larque Press website yet to include TDE6. It’s next on my list.

TDE Book Six
152 pages
Print: $8.99 from amazon and select booksellers
Digital: $2.99 for Kindle and Magzter

*Interview conducted by D. Blake Werts

The Digest Enthusiast #6 update

tde6cover_500The print proof for TDE6 arrived yesterday. It’s looking great and nearly ready to release. Here’s what’s left to do:

• Print—a few text tweaks inside, discovered while working on other versions
• Magzter—same changes as above, since the files are identical to the print version, except the images are in color.
• Kindle—Three features to layout, then convert to epub/mobi and proof onscreen

Everything should be ready for a ~June 1 release.

Mike Chomko will have TDE6 available at the upcoming PulpFest and through his next catalog. Here’s the listing for Mike’s catalog:

The Digest Enthusiast #6: Interviews with Analog & Asimov’s author Edd Vick and AHMM author B.K. Stevens; previews of summer’s digest magazines; articles on Manhunt, Brian Aldiss’ Hothouse series in F&SF, Sharon Tate’s Fate, Bob Hope’s They Got Me Covered, and International Science Fiction; reviews of Digest Dolls and Weirdbook #34; fiction by Lesann Berry, Alec Cizak, and Joe Wehrle, Jr. Illustrations and cartoons by Brad W. Foster, Michael Neno, Bob Vojtko, and Joe Wehrle, Jr. Haiku by Clark Dissmeyer. Cover by Brian Buniak. Includes over 75 cover images.

Irving Burstiner’s “Pardon My Terror”

msmm_2_1957_500Stories from Suspense Magazine #2 Summer 1951: “Pardon My Terror” by Irving Burstiner

Suspense Magazine editor Theodore Irwin wrote that submissions often seem to arrive in trends. A wave of “wife murders or ghost yarns.” For Suspense #2 there was a run on “fiends,” from which Irwin selected two, based on merit and because “. . . they serve to emphasize the vast differences writers can bring to the same theme.”

“Terror” is only just over three pages in length, yet Burstiner manages to add a clever twist to bring his story’s fiend to a satisfying end.

Burstiner also create a puzzle called “Find the Detective,” for Michael Shayne Mystery Magazine (Feb 1957).

Galaxy Novel #9

gn9Four Sided Triangle by William F. Temple is the ninth Galaxy Novel, published in 1952, with a cover by Richard Powers.

Steve Carper’s “The Galaxy Science Fiction Novels” appears in The Digest Enthusiast #4 (June 2016), covering the first 35 digest-sized books in the series. His follow-up “Sin in Space: The Galaxy Beacon Novels,” covering books #36–46 appears in Paperback Parade #97 (March 2017).