Switchblade #1

switchblade-1-500Is there anything more unexpected for a Happy Mother’s Day than a Switchblade?

Warning by Scotch Rutherford

Flash Fiction
“Getting Away With It” by Paul D. Brazill
“Gut Wrenching” by Jim J. Wilsky
“Re-Election” by Fred Zackel
“Primed” by Scotch Rutherford
“Urban Legend #223” by Susan Cornford

Short Stories
“The Stooge” by Tom Leins
“Rats” by Liam Sweeny
“That’s All Right Mama” by Steve Liskow
“Taste for Danger” by Lawrence Kelter
“The Apex Predator” by William Dylan Powell
“North Creek Brown” by Preston Lang
“Stranger in a Bar” by Travis Richardson
“Killing Time so I Can Dig Myself a Deeper Grave” by Jack Bates

Author Bios and Acknowlegements

Editor: Scotch Rutherford
Cover: Johanna Baquero, Back: Scotch Rutherford
5” x 8”, 106 pages
POD $6.95, Kindle $2.99 (99¢ with the print version)

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