Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Jul/Aug 2017

eqmm_7_2017Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Vol. 151 #1 & 2, whole #909 & 910, Jul/Aug 2017
“Hard to Get” by Jeffery Deaver, art by Jason C. Eckhardt
The Jury Box by Jon L. Breen
“Peter and the Wolfe” by Loren D. Estleman
“Tonic” by Susan Koefod
“The Short Answer” by James Lincoln Warren (Black Mask)
“The Egyptian Cat” by Christine Poulson
“Banana Triangle Six” by Louis Bayard
Blog Bytes by Bill Crider
“The Home Exchange” by Parker Bilal
“Platina and the Green Children” by Richard Stout (Dept. of First Stories)
“Learning to Drive” by Judith Cutler
“Harry Potter and the Shadow of the Forger’s Throne” by Paul Charles
“The Fast and the Furriest” by Pat H. Broeske (Dept. of First Stories)
“Galway Lake” by Dennis McFadden
“Night Crossing” by Marilyn Todd
“Julius Katz and the Terminated Agent” by Dave Zeltserman
“The Yellow Book” by Paul Halter (Passport to Crime) Translated from the French by John Pugmire
“What Could Possibly Go Boing?” by Mat Coward, art by Mark Evan Walker
“The Things We Do for Love” by Sharon Hunt
Classified Marketplace
“Poison Pen” by Graydon Miller

Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Janet Hutchings
Associate Editor: Jackie Sherbow
VP Design & Production: Susan Mangan
Senior AD: Victoria Green
Cover: Philcold/Dreamstime.com
192 pages
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