Weirdbook #36

From the Editor’s Tower by Doug Draa
“Burn on the Bayou” by L.F. Falconer
“The Horde” by Chad Hensley (verse)
“The Mumbler” by Gillian French
“Beneath the Roads” by John Joe Lopez (verse)
“Cleric at Sentinel Hill” by Franklyn Searight
“Let Them Have Dominion” by Oliver Smith (verse)
“Whores and Criminals” by Dean MacAllister
“The Quiet on the Water” by C.C. Adams
“The Haggard Brothers Go to Town” by James Pratt
“Krysten” by Clay F. Johnson (verse)
The Awakening” by Megan Neumann
“The Chimera” by Chad Hensley (verse)
“Dead Line” by D.C. Lozar
“Stranded in Louisiana” by Chad Hensley (verse)
“The Waterman’s Song” by M.B. Vigil
“Maleficium” by Kelly Gould
“The Green Dome” by Joe DiCicco
“Cryptid Shindig” by Richard Stevenson (verse)
“We Who Walk on Worlds” by Matt Sullivan
“Insect Song” by William Tea
“The Harvest Moon Festival” by Gigi Eng
“Guardians of the Seven Gates” by Chad Hensley (verse)
“Like Falling Snow” by W.D. Clifton
“The Oldest Story” by S.L. Edwards
“Geronimo Versus Frankenstein” by Neal Privett
“The Black-and-White Dozen” by Chris Kuriata
“Omzetten” by C.M. Muller
“Vandegald’s Globes” by Jeremy Hayes
“Great Old Ones” by Darrell Schweitzer (verse)

Weirdbook Vol. 2 #6, whole #36 published August 2017
Publisher/Executive Editor: John Gregory Betancourt
Editor: Doug Draa
Consulting Editor: W. Paul Ganley
Production Team: Steve Coupe, Ben Geyer, Helen McGee, Karl Würf
Cover: H. White/Fotolia
Interior & Back Cover Art: Allen Koszowski
204 pages, 6” x 9”
$12.00 in Print, $3.03 in Kindle from
$3.99 from Magzter
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