Paperback Parade #98 August 2017

Paperback Talk by Gary Lovisi
A Basic Overview of American Pre-Vintage Paperbacks & Series by Gary Lovisi
Science Fiction in Dime Novels; Penny Dreadfuls; & Shilling Shockers by Jon D. Swartz
A Look Behind Bachelor Books by Gary Lovisi
Badge 714 on Duty (Dragnet) by Richard L. Kellogg
Two Foreign Pre-Vintage Paperback Series (Civilizacao Brasileira & Coleccao Civilizacao) by Gary Lovisi
The 1942 Canadian White Circles by Jim Fitzpatrick
The “Ace Science Fiction Reader” by Michael S. Smith
Walter H. Hunt’s Dark Wing Series by Gary Lovisi
Matchless Paperbacks: Jacqueline Susann by Richard Greene

Editor: Gary Lovisi
Designer: Richard Greene
~5.5” x 8.5” 96 pages, full color throughout
$15 + postage for a single issue
$40 for three-issue subscription
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