Crime Syndicate Magazine #3, October 2017

A note from the Editor’s Desk by Michael Pool
“The Deplorables” by Eryk Pruitt
“Good Cop Bad Cop” by Kevin Z. Garvey
“Below the Angels” by Max Booth III
“Schmuck” by Dennis Day
“Gods and Virgins in the Big Easy” by Nina Mansfield
“Slit the Belly” by S.A. Cosby
“Hipster Pantsin’” by Travis Richardson
“The Whitest Boy on the Block” by Paul Heatley
“Dirty South of Heaven” by Allen Griffin
“The Contractors” by David A. Anthony

Founding Editor: Michael Pool
Guest Editor: Eryk Pruitt
Cover photo: Stephanie Pool
Cover design: Michael Pool
Formatting: Rik—Wild Seas Formatting
5” x 8” 142 pages
$7.99 POD, $2.99 Kindle
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