Pulp Literature #16 Autumn 2017

From the Pulp Lit Pulpit: Autumn Storytelling
“The River” by K.C. Dyer
Feature Interview: K.C. Dyer
The Magpie Award for Poetry: Oak Morse, Leah Komar, Glenn Pape
“Stella Ryman and the Ghost at the End of the Bed” by Mel Anastasiou
“Clearing Out Nests” by Brandon Crilly
“Love” by Greg Brown
“The Olde Town Haunt” by Patrick Bollivar
“Think Tank” by Susan Pieters
“The Wind of a Train” by Erin Kirsh
“For Your Convenience” by F.J. Bergmann
“The Vanishing Dot” by Rina Piccolo (comic)
“Allaigna’s Song: Aria” by J.M. Landels

Publisher: Pulp Literature Press
Managing Editor: Jennifer Landels
Acquisitions Editor: Melanie Anastasiou
Assistant Editors: Janet Eastwood, Wendy Christensen
Poetry Editor: Daniel Cowper
Copy Editor: Amanda Bidnall
Proofreader: Mary Rykov
Graphic Designer: Kris Sayer
Consulting Editor: Susan Pieters
Cover: Akem
Interior artwork: Melanie Anastasiou, Jennifer Landels
5.25” x 8” 198 pages
$14.99 POD
$4.99 ebook
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