Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Nov/Dec 2017

The Lineup
“For Want of a Book” by Anna Castle, art by Andrew Wright
“Black Friday” by R.T. Lawson
“A Slight Deviation from the Mean” by Susan Oleksiw
Booked & Printed by Robert C. Hahn
“Death Under Construction” by B.K. Stevens
“Damsels in Distress” by S.L. Franklin, art by Ron Chironna
“The Darkness and the Light” by William Dylan Powell
Mysterious Photograph $25 fiction contest “Frozen Out”
“The House Across the Street” by Robert S. Levinson
“Harlem Nocturne” by L.A. Wilson, Jr.
“Ghost Busters” by Carol Cail
Solution to the Sep/Oct Dying Words puzzle
“Pandora’s Hoax” by Gilbert M. Stack
“The Chair Thief” by Robert Lopresti, art by Alicia Ballam
“Darkness Visible” by Eve Fisher
Dying Words acrostic puzzle by Arlene Fisher
“Hostage” by Tara Laskowski
The Pod Squad by Steve Hockensmith
The Story That Won (Jul/Aug) “Solutions, Not Problems” by Margaret L. Welsh
Index to Volume 62
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This issue includes stories by two writers, Robert Lopresti and B.K. Stevens, interviewed in The Digest Enthusiast, book two and six respectively. Linda Landrigan’s editor’s note following Bonnie’s story pays tribute to the long-time contributor to AHMM, who passed away in August of 2017.

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Vol. 62 #11 & 12 Nov/Dec 2017
Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Linda Landrigan
Associate Editor: Jackie Sherbow
VP Design & Production: Susan Mangan
Senior AD: Victoria Green
Cover: isaxar/
192 pages
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